Recombining brood box tripod camera (video) 3 year old helping :)

Hi @Beast9156, thank you for taking the time and effort to remake the video. That angle is a lot better to see what is going on in your hive. :blush:

That is what I would do too - keep the best frames together, and away from the walls. It is easier for the bees to keep the brood warm that way. I think your hive looks to have too sparse a bee population for 2 boxes at this point, but that is just my opinion.

Maybe I didn’t see things right, but it looked like a lot of those frames (look like plastic frames with plastic foundation?) may have a little drawn comb on them, but no way are they 80% full of brood and food stores. Like @Dee, I only saw 3 frames of good brood and bee coverage - you want to see that on at least 6 frames out of the 8 before you add second brood box.

If you want to leave the second brood box on, that is definitely what I would do. Much less work for the bees to keep the brood warm that way.

Another good decision, well done. They still look quite a small colony - I would guess 10,000 bees or less, and the reduced entrance will help them defend what they have.

Brielle is fabulous! They do make youth bee suits - @cfd2474 made a video showing his two young children all kitted out in suits!

Don’t be discouraged or lose confidence. I think you made some good decisions on this thread. Nobody is born knowing how to keep bees, it is a learning process. As long as you learn something and improve over time, that is all anyone could ask. Thank you again for your effort - by sharing your inspection, a lot more people get a chance to learn how to make decisions for their bees.

All the best,