Recommended Top Hive Feeder Configuration for a Flow Hive 6

I am a new beekeeper (in US) who happily just took delivery of a Flow Hive 6. Looking forward to getting it built, finished, and my bees installed. The Hive will be the home of some packaged Italian Bees. My understanding is when you install a package you should add a feeder so they can begin to build their comb. I would like to add a top feeder and am looking for some recommendations on a top feeder set up? What setup would work in a 6 frame flowhive? Open to ideas that have worked for you. Thanks in advance.

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When you install your package into the brood box, do not put the Flow super on top to start with. They need to build up their numbers and brood comb first. Plus, in Sacramento, you will probably need double deep brood boxes (ask a local bee club). We certainly do in San Diego, so I am pretty sure that you will too.

Then you can put the inner cover on top of your single brood box to start with. Put the empty Flow super box on top of that (no Flow frames in the box), and put a feeder inside that. I like this one quite a lot, but it isn’t available from Amazon right now:

You can probably find something similar with the help of Mr Google. ::wink:

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Thanks Dawn. Makes sense. I will take a look elsewhere to see if I can find that feeder.

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