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Recommending a Bee Novel


I just finished reading this on Kindle for £1.99 cheap little read

Life in a bee hive told by one of the workers…
Some literary licence but a good understanding of bee hives and how they work - Some Anthropomorphism - portraying animals with human traits - but give a feel of the functioning of a hive


If you are a dreamer you might find “The Bees” by Laline Paull an interesting read. It’s completely anthropomorphic and absolute rubbish but the end brought a tear to my eye. Much as the whole story is completely fantastic ( in the old meaning of the word) the author obviously knows about life in a hive right down to rare occurrences such as thelytoky. Daft…but I quite enjoyed it.

oooops…I think that’s the valli is talking about


PS it’s a lesson in what happens if you neglect your bees.


The Secret life of bees is pretty good as well, more about bad parents than bees. But still a great book…Gary


I would add in here that the book the Queen Must Die is also a good read.


Everyone should read “Confessions of a Bad Beekeeper: What Not to Do When Keeping Bees (with Apologies to My Own)” by Bill Turnbull . It’s hilarious and educational at the same time.


He’s retiring, by the way and one of the reasons he gave was to spend time with his family and bees :slight_smile:


I hope he will keep writing!