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Red light torch for assessing a strong hive and bearding



Well done Peter, tell us a bit more about it. Is it a light that bees aren’t attracted to? That would be handy for closing bees up after dark. I used to think that bees aren’t attracted to led lights, however I think I’m mistaken because bees still come out & seem to be drawn to it.

Edit:- No need to reply Peter, I saw your second thread about the torch.

A white LED light will still attract bees Jeff, but they don’t seem to notice the red spectrum of light, I recon it would be ideal for closing up a hive at night. Even shining the beam straight into the hive entrance didn’t provoke a reaction in any way.
I enjoyed the chat on the phone today, sorry about finding it hard for me to hear you, I was at the Men’s Shed with a lot of background noise. They are making more boxes for me, that gives some guys something to do. I’m needing to use the Men’s Shed to keep up with the gear I didn’t make enough of over the cooler months.The guys at the shed are much like bees, they can be a bit nasty when they have nothing to do :smile:

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