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Removing bees from a roof ridge

Hi There,

I am new to beekeeping and my brother, call A local beekeeper to come and remove a hive from the side of their roof. The people came out made a mess and I only took some of the bees and left all of the comb.

So this weekend I’m going to attempt to rescue a hive of honeybees which I have never done before anyone have any good ideas? I do have a nuc box that might be his came in and five frames.

Hi Mike, if the person who came already was really a beekeeper, it seems sloppy of him/her to leave all the comb there. If you’re still seeing bees it probably means there were foragers out while the removal was happening and they returned to their familiar home.

My first question is - are you 100% certain they are honey bees?

Second question is - are you experienced and comfortable with being up on a ladder, so that buzzing stinging insects wont freak you out and make you risk falling?

Last thing is more of a heads-up, that if this other beekeeper-type person took most of the bees and probably the queen, the stragglers you see there might not be enough to revive the colony.

Any chance you can send some pictures, and let our friends here who are more experienced with cutouts weigh in?

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Hi Eva,

Thank you for your email. Yes they are honey bees it has been confirmed by the beekeeper and they look just like mine. There are a lot more bees there than a few bees returning from foraging, I think anyway I could be wrong. I will send pictures before I attempt to get them in my nuc box.

I am new at beekeeping in general, I have my first hive for about a month now, I do feel comfortable being on a ladder in my bee suit of course, trying to get bees and hopefully we will see the queen.

If we do not see or get the queen my plan is, if they cannot raise a queen I will purchase a one. I will send pictures tomorrow once I am at my brothers house.

Michael Smart,

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

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