Hi! from Gauteng, South Africa

Hi everyone. I wish we were able to do bee keeping, but it is not feasible in the suburbs and possibly against the law here.

This is a quick visit, as we need some help. A bee queen and bees was removed from our roof, however, the hive was left. This was 2.5 weeks ago. Two to three days ago, the room where the hive was, had a swarm of bees, we closed the room off to keep the rest of the bees out and the bees died, assuming due to the citronella oil and Jeys with water mix that the bee keeper told us to use if we notice any bees. Now we have white larvae falling out of our ceiling. Any idea if these are bee larvae or something else, due to the left over hive? Two to three days ago, there where the honey out of the roof, but, now it is only these larvae. The bee keeper that removed the bees is currently not available to answer any questions and our house is being overrun O_0 (slight exageration :slight_smile: ). There was also mention of a gas that would dry out the hive that was used originally, please advise what this gas is? Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Iā€™m not aware of any gas that he might be talking about.

The larvae sounds very much like SHB larvae. The only solution I would offer is to remove the ceiling as well as the remaining bee nest & replace it with a new ceiling, or part thereof.

The beekeeper should have known that would happen and was irresponsible for allowing that to happen to you. Anyway the ceiling would have needed removing & replacing regardless.


Thank you for the feedback. That helps a lot.

Kind regards.

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