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Removing bees from an old hive into a flow hive


new to the forum and bee keeping.
I have an old hive that is falling apart. How do I get the bees from the old hive into the new flow hive.



Put your brood frames into a new brood box. Simple as can be.


After putting your brood frames in a new box put the box in the original position.




I helped change over a complete apiary of colonies from old boxes to newer n new hive bodies last weekend. Move your old hive over n set the new brood box in its place to
avoid confusing by the returning foragers.

. As the others stated here already … Start at #1 wall frame n move each frame into the new box in same order to lessen the disruption of the colonies activity. Great time to check brood, equipment n replace damaged stuff. If the weathers good take your time !

Good lucky n enjoy,