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Repairing brood comb


I got a hive from a coworker who didn’t have time to deal with it. The move went well but when I checked out the hive a few days later, I discovered there were 3 frames missing so they built their own attaching them to the top cover. (no supers were on the hive). My question is how do I repair this? Or should I just discard this and put in 3 new frames. I hate to do the latter because there is so much brood in it and it would be difficult to find the queen.


I would consider cutting out and rubber banding the comb. Just make sure it stays the correct way up - not everyone agrees with me on this, but that is what I would do. :blush:

Here is a description of rubber banding with photos:


Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen examples of this being done but I guess I needed someone to reinforce my thoughts on this.