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Replace old flowhive super with a new super box


We have purchased and painted a new flowhive super box.

We now have to remove the old super from the hive and remove the plastic frames etc from within it and transfer them into the new super box.

Has anyone advice on the best way to do this?

Just transfer the frames from the old box to the new one. Would it be the first time the frames have been removed? going by your question. If so it would be a good opportunity to scrape everything clean again. Mainly propolis & burr comb, also check to see if the QX has any cracks in it.


All done… Thankyou.


Have a paint scraper handy and lever the frames out of the old box gently. Use the paint scraper as a knife to cut the bur comb between the frames. Take your time and it will go ok. If the frames don’t want to budge it might be easier done with the old super of the hive and cutting away any burr comb from the bottom of the box.
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