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Requeening after swarming

Unfortunately my hive swarmed a few days ago. I would like to requeen the hive with a quieter queen as the hive had become a little aggressive. Queens are quite hard to obtain at the moment but I have access to a new one in in 5 days time. Should I go into the hive now and remove any queen cells? I am afraid that a new queen may hatch and go off on a mating flight and therefore not be findable when I am attempting to introduce the new newly bought queen but return later to the hive and kill the newly introduced queen?

I would be inclined to wait & see how the new queen’s progeny turns out. They might end up being quieter. Also because the colony is half strength, it will be easier to work.


I agree with Jeff. I find that if a colony is getting so big it is making to swarm it can become more angry than normal. But as you have ordered a new queen you should see how she goes and it would be nice to hope the new queen is from quieter stock, time will tell.
It is wrong to think if the hive is angry it is the queen at fault when it can be many other causes.
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If it’s a few days ago that your colony swarmed, it’s more than likely that a new queen has already emerged. Check back in 2 weeks to find fresh brood. Your new queen may be just fine.
Some of my local queens are better than the bred ones. If not, you can replace later.
If you introduce a new queen now, they may just kill it. Waste of money and a good queen.

As already said, I would wait. Once the new queen is laying they may settle down.