Restarting beekeeping

Finally have country property again! Starting with 2 hives, 1Flow, 1 traditional. Dug my FH supers out of storage. Look kinda crappy. My last hives absconded, wax moths moved in. I shut things up, bagged my FH super. You can see from the pics what I’m starting with. Do I need to dig out the moth eggs in the frames or just clean as best I can and let the new bees clean house when they move in?

I cleaned 1 frame with a low pressure water hose. I was hoping to clean out the eggs with it, no such luck.

There is nothing living in the frame now. It’s been bagged for almost 3 years.

So. Ideas on how to get eggs out of frame. Or just hose them down as clean as possible and let the newbies (new bees) clean it up?

Hi & welcome to the forum. You can pressure hose it all out (not forgetting the channel), then if you’re still worried about eggs, just put the frames in the freezer prior to putting them on a hive. I’d also suggest pressure hosing just prior to putting them on a hive.

Not worried about the eggs. They were frozen 2+ years ago then bagged. They’re dead. Thanks for the reply, I’ll get to work!