Reversed columns in frame

Hello fellow beeks!

I have been cleaning the mega amount of propolis my sweet beauties spat all over the flow frames and was very pleasantly surprised at the ease of clean up. The propolis peeled right off the plastic. Nothing like on the wooden ware that you nearly have to chisel out.

Anyway, it was during all this I noticed…

…three out of the six frames are like this, EEEK! :flushed: I have tried, and failed, to find the flow video on breaking down and re-assembling the frame. I can’t seem to get the wire off (all the propolis isn’t helping) and am terrified of snapping the darn thing. Anyone have the link to the video or suggestions on getting the wire off?

Trying to get ready for the fall flow here.


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Hi Pam, yup, they look to need a re-alignment. Check out the video link below.

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YUP, Rodderick, that is the one I was looking for. I have bookmarked it in case I ever need it again.
Thank ya, big, big :hugs:

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one suggestion I have- when you tighten/remove the wires we used a length of cloth to tie around the frame to hold all the parts together. Then we used butter knives from memory to lever off the wires over the little plastic parts that hold them in place. I can’t tell from your photo if the if you actually need to take the frames apart completely and re-assemble- or just try working the tool in the slot to see if you can get those cells into the correct alignment.

Very bright orange gloopy propolis you have there- I wonder what the bees made that from?

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