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Robbing or something else?

Hi, I have a nuc transferred to my flow hive and it is very busy indeed. I have been stung whilst quite far from the hive - before I got my hood on I got stung on the eyelid!! Fortunately a antihistamine, ice and honey on the lid did the trick after only 24 hrs (previous stings have swelled up massively and lingered for 3 days without the same treatment). That is by the by because I have noticed quite a lot of ‘wrestling’ going on on the landing pad. Little groups of two or more grappling with each other until one is pushed off the edge. Is this a sign of robbing? I never saw it before. Maybe that’s why I got singled out in the first place. I probably went too close in the first couple of days and should have kept my distance but they seem ok with me now, after a week, albeit still wrestling. There is a very good flow at the moment and bees are everywhere.

@john_lawson Hi, I’m a new beek, but have witnessed this behaviour with my hive too. In my case it was over as quickly as it started, but happened again the next day. So I followed advice and reduced the entrance, this enables your colony to defend easier a smaller space. This has worked for me and I don’t see any wrestling anymore, happy days :pray:

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Expelling drones perhaps?

@MikeInVic Maybe, didn’t consider that as my area is still flowering & has an abundance of nectar. If there’s a dearth, or nectar is becoming scarce, then it could be drone eviction time. Try having a good look at an evictee to be sure. Hope this helps :pray: