Rooftop beehive and chimney smoke

My hive is placed on our roof deck. We’re in the process of installing a chimney about 15’ away from the hive. The chimney top will probably be couple feet higher than the hive, and the roof peak will be between the hive & the chimney. The prevailing wind pattern for our area will draw the smoke away from the hive…but wind is unpredictable. So given that we will probably use the fireplace only in the fall/winter, is the chimney smoke likely to irritate the bees?

My guess is that you will be OK, especially as the hive should have a season to get acquainted with the area before you start lighting fires. Several of our forum members had apiaries in Australian fire zones, and the hives did fine - they didn’t abscond or suffer noticeably.

If it is a problem for your bees, then either you could move the hive, or you could install a gas fireplace insert, which is smokeless but pretty realistic. :smile:

Gas?! Never!!! :japanese_goblin:

The point about the Australian fire zone hives is very reassuring though. I figure the chimney won’t really be in conflict with hive, but I haven’t seen much anecdotal evidence to support that idea.

Do your hive inspections while the smoke is blowing and kill two birds with the one stone

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