Hive in Strong Wind

Just purchased 2 hive and concerned about them getting blown over in high winds. Is this an issue and if so would appreciate any suggestions.


Hi @Mordechaivanunu, if the spot where you’ll place your stand is exposed to high winds, your main concern will more likely be keeping the roof on. To deal with this you can either switch to a flat roof in windy seasons, or strap it down. A brick will sit on it ok too. Once they’re established the bees will also propolize it on and make it hard even for you to pry it off with your hive tool :wink:

For the whole hive to tip over your colony would have to be very small & have little stores, so in theory a strong gust on one side might do it when your colony is newly installed. But also remember that it’ll just be the one brood box at first because you won’t be adding your super until they have pretty much filled the brood box. What’s your springtime weather like?


Thanks Eva for your response
Spring is not so bad it is windy here (Sunshine Coast Hinterland QLD) at present that’s what made me think.

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