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Sandpaper between Applications?

When applying multiple coats of tung oil, does the wood need to be sanded between each coat?

Not really. This is a hive after all, rather than a piece of interior furniture, and the grain of the wood is open and fairly coarse.

Jerry (@Gerald_Nickel) wire wool rubbed his hives between coats, I think. Was it 000 Wire Wool, Jerry? I think he did 3 coats too, and his look beautiful. However, I didn’t rub or sand mine and it still looks fine.

@paws n @Dawn_SD, yes ! I used three coats of Tung Oil letting dry between costs. Then used 000 steel wool n wiped clean n re coated. It lasted well thru our winter 2016-17 here near Seattle Paws. I’ve got two more full cedar wood 8 frames hive setup to build n assemble now. Going to cost with 3 Coats of Tung Oil using steel wool again.


PS didn’t get the triple on the landing SBBboard n it looks like it too.


Thanks so much for your input. I think we only put two coats on our brood boxes and they look like your landing board. Maybe the sanding and the third coat would have done the trick.