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Sealants for my cedar flowhive


I’m just setting up my cedar hive and want to seal it with something to protect it from the weather and keep the colour- is a transparent garden furniture oil ok to use?


Hi @Nicfab if you go to the magnifying glass thingy, top right corner, search for Tung oil and or Hive protection as there are numerous posts on this subject.


I wouldn’t. Many of them contain toxic solvents. As @busso says, pure Tung Oil is the best choice, but make sure it is 100% pure - you can’t just go to the local store and buy it, you will probably need help from Google.


Oils are nice but they offer a limited resistance to the weather and must be retreated every year. Look up some of the previous posts on this subject as Dawn suggests and then decide how you want to proceed. Once your hive is full of bees you won’t be able to retreat the entrance area and some other parts of the hive.