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SHB Traps - How many should I use?


Quick question on SHB Traps. How many would you use in a hive? I have 1 and today doing my inspection, my one hive had 6-8 SHB running around on the bottom board. Should I increase the number of SHB traps?

Using mineral oil in my SHB traps at the present time.

Any advice from the Pro’s would be great full and Thank you as always!



One trap in the top box of the hive should be fine. :wink:


Thank you Dawn!:grinning:


I think Mann Lake recommend using 2 if you have a heavy infestation, but I think they are just an addition to more effective measures of controlling SHB that @JeffH recommends. I don’t consider 6-8 SHB a heavy infestation. Twenty to thirty would be.

If you need 2 traps, your hive is probably in trouble, and you need to examine your hive management methods very carefully. You will never be rid of SHB, but you can control the effect they have by being thoughtful.


Hi Dan, if your hive is strong one trap is enough if you want to use them. Normally the bees will give the SHB more than enough exercise trying to get away from the bees. I do the ‘squash’ method of keeping the SHB under control, I have traps but not used them so far not seeing more than a few at each inspection.


Thank you Peter!

I do the “squash” method as well.


I use zero traps: IMO, where I am, the best trap is a strong hive.


Hi - The hive with the SHB swarmed 3 weeks ago. It was a NUC I purchased April 4th.

After my inspection yesterday, the hive is performing very well, all frames are 80-85% full and I just put a honey super on.