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Should I start a bee colony now?


Hi i’m new to beekeeping in fact I am just about to start out!!

I have ordered my Complete Flow Hive which is to arrive in December winter in the uk. So my question is if I get a small hive now eg. off of ebay and then transfer them when my Flow Hive arrives would the bees be ok to be transferred in to it being winter or should I wait until spring and leave them as they are?


For whats its worth I would say ‘yes’. If you wait till december it will be winter and there will be no bees to put in your hive. Bees are easy to transfer between hives and if you prepare your brood box to be the same size as the Flow hive transferring won’t be necessary. Also, having the bees for a summer season gives the colony a chance to build up their numbers so the following spring you’ll be ready to put the Flow super onto your brood box. Hope that helps.


Following what Rodderick said, yes - but only move them to the brood box, don’t put the honey super (with flow frames) on until spring… it will be too cold for them otherwise.


The Bunyip Beekeeper


Would you say it’s best to get a Langstroth Hive as I am not so sure on what the size differences (if any) they would be for the frames?

Thanks guys!!


Standard size frames will fit a standard size 8 or 10 frame Langstroth.


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