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Small Hive Beetle - SHB Aethina Tumida


okay with that being said about roses, what should I use to help killer aphids on the roses and not hurt the bees


Spray them with a little washing up liquid in the evening when the bees have stopped flying


WOWOWOWO! That little tidbit is great “Evening when the bees have stopped flying”


Why…do your bees fly at night?


I had some aphids on my chili bush once, next thing an assassin bug must have laid some eggs near them. Before long, the eggs hatched & all these baby assassin bugs had a field day on the aphids. That kind of took care of the aphids.

There is also a parasitoid wasp that specializes in aphids.
I wonder if you just leave the aphids, if something in nature will control them biologically for you.


There is also a hyperparasitoid wasp, a wasp that preys on parasitoid wasps. You’ll see them at the end of this Nat Geo video:


Gruesome, but fascinating :worried:


Hi Dawn, this video showed up, the one of the parasitoid wasps that prey on aphids.



no, they don’t fly at night but I never put the two and two together on possibly the best time to do something like that until you set it. Sometimes the obvious does need to be stated.


Grain alcohol(everclear) in a spray bottle. Kills instantly on contact, and volatilizes off rapidly/leaves no toxic residue as well. Because it is ethanol it is also easily metabolized by microbes in the water and soil if you spill any. Works on worms, beetles moths, aphids etc. But is a contact killer so you must actually hit what you want to kill.


denatured alchohol from the hardware store should work too. Also cheaper and legal in my state (unlike everclear)


Hi everyone,

First time poster here from the central coast of NSW Australia.
I have just installed my first nuc 3 weeks ago and cracked it open yesterday to find the dreaded SHB! A flurry of Internet research led me to the simplest and most immediate solution of a fluffy trap as demonstrated by Cedar on this YouTube clip https://youtu.be/9Z36cJpKtTY.
I had an old vinyl tablecloth so was able to make one straight away. Rummaging through the cupboard I also found one of those sticky pads used as cockroach traps so decided to try one of those out as well. My bottom board looks like this after 1 night in the hive so I chalk that up as a success!

The rest of my research taught me I was being impatient setting my hive up with the flow super on top straight away (I did use the divider board between the brood and super for the purposes of temperature regulation. I had not considered pest control in my build rationale) I have now removed the super altogether as my brood frames are only 50% full at this stage.


For the record, the ‘chemical trap’ in this video is an Apithor. They are extremely effective.



Think i have a beetle problem, looks like the bees are doing a good job with them. Just put a screened bottom board in and a silver bullit on the top brood box between the flow hive. I will try and post some photos



Hi all
I need help i wentand put fluffy table cloth material on the screened bottom board and noticed SHB flying everywhere and trying to get in the hive . I was at the hive for about an hour and a half on dusk and must killed 150 of them as i killed about 25 every 5 min . Is there any thing else i can do


Is the above normal with shb


There are traps you can put in the hive with oil in them. They rest on top of the frames and when the bees chase the beetles into the trap, it is a one way trip. I am sure you can find them locally if you look around. Something like this:


Sorry i didnt mention that i already have 1 in there with apithor on the bottom


after 11 hours