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Sobre patentes de 1959


Me gustaría que me comentarais algo sobre este tema porque este invento español de 1959 nos interesaría saber algo sobre el tema


Not much point in posting in Spanish to an English language site.
However I have google translated it. Not being a mechanical engineer I did have some difficulty in understanding the patent.

My take is that the frame is made of metal cells with two columns of cells at a slope downwards with a gap between them. A geared tube is passed down the centre of these cells to close the cell at the bottom. When the cells are capped the tube can be rotated to open the bottom of the cells and allow the cells to release the honey for collection.

The flow hive is very different in that the cells of two adjoining columns are displaced vertically which allows the honey to flow out for collection.

I am no patent expert but the 1939 patent has no similarity except that there are cells, a hive and honey. There are other patents on honey extraction but none have the system of vertical separation with a simple key lowering and raising cells.


I have also had a good look at the Garriga Patent and it is clearly very different from the Flow Hive patent. In addition- I have never seen any indication that it was ever manufactured- even a prototype- or that it ever worked. Beyond the patent it seems to have sunk without a trace. Yet those facts don’t stop a lot of people on the internet claiming that Flow just ‘copied it’. I hate to borrow anything from Donald J Chump- but folks this is FAKE NEWS. SAD.


Hola Manuel,

" El dispositivo ya fue patentado 1939 por el español Juan Bizcarro Garriga"

No, es muy diferente. Por favor compare las dos patentes de cerca.

“¿Llegaremos al paso previo a las salas de ordeño?. La técnica que nos quieren vender reduce el abnegado trabajo del apicultor cuidando a las abejas a una suerte de copas de ordeño similar al de las vacas y las cabras, guardando las lógicas distancias. Un artilugio que esconde detrás de sí una inocente pero aberrante idea que va en contra la condición de nuestros insectos, las abejas. Un mecanismo que abriría la puerta a los conceptos de “estabulación” y granjas de miel.”

No estoy de acuerdo. La única diferencia es el método de extracción de miel. Todos los demás aspectos de la apicultura son idénticos.

El Flow™, como muchos gadgets, tendrá cierta aceptación en la apicultura urbana, pues a los urbanitas les gusta consumir tecnología. La apicultura urbana (o de jardín privado) es un esperanzador futuro, pues ayuda a sensibilizar los ciudadanos sobre la importancia de las abejas (y por ende, de los polinizadores) en nuestra cadena trófica de alimentación y en la protección de la biodiversidad de nuestros ecosistemas. Apoyar la apicultura urbana, y la miel de barrio, es una de las misiones que tiene ecocolmena. Pero esta propuesta de Flow Hive Honey ridiculiza a las abejas.

De nuevo, respetuosamente, no estoy de acuerdo. ¡Flow Hive no ridiculiza a las abejas! No es diferente a cualquier otra colmena de abejas, la única diferencia es el método de recolección de la miel. Ya hay muchos miles de nuevos apicultores responsables en todo el mundo gracias a el Flow. No hay necesidad de ser tan cínico y solo contemplar los aspectos negativos y predecir que las personas abusarán de la tecnología. hay mucha evidencia ahora de que lo opuesto es verdad.


This is an international forum. And everyone is welcome to post here. If necessary, I help to translate posts for those who aren’t able to.


Sorry @Faroe if you thought I was perhaps a little terse but no hurt intended.

I have said on other occasions that the OP’s would be better posting in English to get a wider variety and more helpful answers.
I think everyone here understands this is an international site and if you look back on my posts you will see I have made welcome others not posting in English. Google translate is pretty good but unless you are fluent in the languages wrong inferences can be taken.

Perhaps also, I don’t show the same degree of kindness to a person who comes on here to defend their rights to buying cheap Chinese rip off’s or in this case to a person trying to infer that (a) the Flow Hive is a rip off of someone else’s patent and (b) that Flow Hive ushers in a trend detrimental to bee population of the world.

Maybe I am just old and cranky sometimes, but I see no point me giving red carpet treatment to somebody who denigrates the purpose of this forum. Particularly if they disrespect it by making statements they know will be inflammatory (good definition of a troll), all be I don’t fully understand because it is in a language I do not know.


Nothing wrong with an old grumpy (honest) Australian sometimes :slight_smile: I just didn’t want anyone to take that one sentence wrong.
I agree with everything you said about the article and some people who write articles and posts just for an inflammatory action.


yeah- I think if Manual never returns to comment- we can just assume has was having a dig- and promoting his own website. I think if he is genuine he will return and engage in dialogue.

¿Dónde estás Manuel? Tu silencio id ensordecedor…