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Sourcing brood box UK

Does anyone know where to source a brood box for my flow hive in the UK? All Langstroth boxes seem to be bigger than the Flow hive.

FlowHive are selling Brood Boxes which are Cedar. Check there website.


Other place you can buy is bee equipment from UK and but the brood box is in Pine.

Hope that helps

Hi Jon,

We have both sizes of brood box available for the Flow Hive 6 frame or 7 frame.
All on our main webshop page, shipping from our Netherlands warehouse to the UK.

Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

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Hi Faroe,

Where is the warehouse in the Netherlands located? Can I visit that warehouse to have a look in reallife?

Hi Martijn,

Iā€™m sorry the distribution warehouse is only for receiving stock into the EU and shipping out within the EU.

You can possibly view through one of our associated clubs, we have our Club Directory here:

Or you may be able to see if someone on the forum has a Flow Hive nearby at a Bee Club, etc. Here are some examples of searching your area on the Community Forum :slight_smile:

https://forum.honeyflow.com/search?q=netherlands https://forum.honeyflow.com/search?q=holland https://forum.honeyflow.com/search?q=dutch