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Newbie looking for help

Hi we are new to bee keeping and just got our flow hive. We are from Ireland and would like to know what we need to get after we assemble the flow hive. I would like to know what i need to buy for the brood box

Hi there, welcome to the forum.

First you need to seal the wood with pure Tung Oil, or decide not to seal at all - that is fine too.

Second you need some bee knowledge. Read everything you can on this forum, join a local bee club ASAP and ask local beekeepers lots of questions. Find a local supplier of live bees for the brood box. You are probably looking for a nucleus in Ireland, I think package bees are mostly available in the US and Australia. A nucleus is 2-6 frames of bees to get your hive started.

Third, you need to think about other equipment - smoker, veil, bee suit, gloves, feeder, jars etc. You will get more of an idea if you do a beekeeping class.

I am sure there are a lot of other things, but I say far too much on this forum, so it is time to leave some space for others. :smile:

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Welcome aboard beekeeping … A good one or two beekeeping book(s) will help loads. You should see if you can find a bee club or bee mentor also. You’ll need some basic beekeeping tools ( ex: smoker, hive tools, bee suite, maybe a frame hanger too, etc)… You’ll need to find a bee supplier n order a package or Nuc of bees ( books will explain the advances of both)… Also … There are many of great beekeeping videos on You-Tube also.

Flow has a few great videos as well n some contributors here post great helps n pix’s too.

Again… Welcome aboard !

I’ll echo what Dawn said. Get to some beekeeping classes.You should be able to source some bees from them too.Good luck

Would a national frame fit into a flow hive brood box. Thanks to everyone for your hel.

Unfortunately not. The Flow hive uses Langstroth frames, and according to my figures, they are about 2 inches (5cm) longer than your frames. You could check on Google. The Langstroth frames are available from Mann Lake bee supplies in the UK area, so probably not too hard to find in Ireland either.


I ask because most of the people selling a nuc of bees use a national frame

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I bet @Valli has some experience with this. As I am in the Langstroth center of the universe, I haven’t had to deal with this myself. I could try to look it up for you, but I think local knowledge from a bee club would be more helpful.

Many people in Europe use Langstroth equipment too, but if you get friendly with a club member, they may be willing to take your brood box and populate it for you, even if the equipment fits are awkward. You could install a swarm without too much trouble, and requeen if needed.

Just a thought.


Yes if you don’t mind a bit of Burr/Brace comb. You need to buy 1" (2,5cm) wide 1/4"(6mm) deep and 2 or 3m long slat type wood and cut it to 19" (length of a Lang frame) and secure it to the top bar of the frame with Cable ties, Wire or however you feel so it is secure - I have several as my Lang Nuc came with a mixture of Lang and National Frames - it works and you can always thin them out when you get more langs.

If you buy Cardboard (wax coated) Nuc boxes from Mann Lake ask for the National conversion - there is a cardboard insert and I have bought several - they can be used as Lang or National

Ok, first of all thank you everyone for your help with this. So is it possible to get
a National nuc and use that with the Flow Hive. I have yet to find anyone selling Lang nucs over here.

Sorry,can’t help with the first but

But why not poly?

@Anthony_Rainsford Do you have Modern Beekeeping over there?

Donegal do Lang Nucs http://www.donegalbees.ie/product/langstroth-polystyrene-nucleus-6-frame/

BeeBox in Ireland http://www.irishbeesupplies.com/


I think I need something like this.

Hi People, I am back on here and still seeking advice, I was able to source out a 6 frame National Nuc. I am still trying to figure out a way to get the frames into the Flow Hive Brood Box. Can anyone shed some light or guide me in the right direction.