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SouthEastScarp YouTube Channel


I have been adding a few videos of my bees to a YouTube Channel.


I will be adding regular clips of the progress of the bees inside my long hive and there are some older live streams of my vertical Flow Hive.

This truly is a set of secret lives of bees videos

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I am currently live streaming my horizontal long hive.
Be quick and watch the girls filling a hole in the frame.



Hi Terrence, well done. That’s very interesting to see what goes on inside an undisturbed hive. Is it hot over there? there’s some bees washboarding inside the hive. I don’t have the patience to watch the hole getting filled in.

I found with my observation hive, it’s hard to see the progress of comb taking shape, however you can see brood getting sealed over before your eyes.

PS that’s incredible. I don’t know how the live streaming works, however at the 13 minute mark, all of a sudden a bee ladder formed, I presume that’s necessary to get more building material at that particular site.



As the colony has grown and the flow started the hole has been decreasing in size over the last few days.

Basically I am running an IP Camera and OBS software on a spare computer to do the streaming.
I was having all sorts of difficulties getting the camera to work with the software and put it away for a week and suddenly it started to work. The image quality still deteriorates every now and then.

The camera is a PTZ which allows me to pan, tilt and zoom into sections of the frame. I have another camera on the other side and can switch in an instant.