I was wondering what the Bees were doing inside my Flow Hive, so

Hi, I’m a new beekeeper. I was curious as to what the bees did all day in the hive, so I put a camera inside to take a peek. If anyone else is wondering too, take a look at the live video from my hive at https://liveinahive.com

All Bees, All Day :honeybee:

Love my Flow Hive so far.



Hey eelsnave

Wow how cool! I have cameras watching the outside of my hives, but inside is a whole new dimension! :slight_smile:
May I ask what brand/model camera your using?

Also, with such a big gap in the Super where you have no flow frames, wont the bees eventually build comb down from the top to fill the gap?

Hi Lee,
The camera work is great. Really interesting to watch. I could gaze at this for hours on end and I’m sure I will.
I would echo Beaver’s concerns with all the space you’ve got in there - not only in the super, but in the brood area below. It looks like you’re missing a frame or two down there as well. Finally, I’m pretty sure you’ve got a drone in your super, which is not ideal (I’ll try and upload the still I took).
It’s going to be tricky to get that excellent camera footage while managing the bee space, but all the best.

Hi Beaver82, its a Hikvision 4 MP 4x IR Outdoor Network PTZ Camera

On the gap in the super, I thought about the same thing. The 4 flow frames in the super are pretty empty right now and the Bees are still working on filling in all the cracks.

I guess we’ll see what they do. :slight_smile:

Thanks Outbeck! I didn’t see that guy in there. Had some issues yesterday due to the heat in my area, but I’ll see if I can find it and relocate him to where he belongs.

Just looking at your cam in action again, it looks like the bees are trying to fill the queen excluder to block off all the space you’ve left them. This is perfectly understandable as they don’t like too much space and you’ve given them a massive hole. It’s a lot of wasted energy for them when they could be doing other things. I’ve really enjoyed the show but I recommend you put the flow frames back in, clean out the queen excluder and push the frames in the brood box together, leaving any gaps to the outside. The bees will fill unwanted space with burr comb and make a hell of a mess if you let them.

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This is so cool! I’ve often wondered what the bees did inside the hive.

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