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Specific Tutorial books


Hello, I was just wondering the best book or tutorial for a newbie with a flow hive? Will there be a flow hive specific book? And do the things you need to do periodically with the hive differ from traditional hives?



If you are looking to actually have structured learning you need to join a Bee keeping group.

Where do you live so we can put you in the right direction?


Thank you for that, I have no fixed abode at present, am travelling, but looking at settling in tuscany Italy next year.


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Storch … "At the Hive Entrance is such an lovely little book to add to your library. It isn’t a treatise on keeping bees, rather an adjunct to the craft.
Available from some places as a paperback or a free download if you google.


“At the hive entrance” is an excellent suggestion. Mine has wear and tear from taking it to the beeyard.