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Hello from Hout Bay South Africa

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Hello I’m Jean-Claude from Hout Bay South Africa. Very new to beekeeping.:crazy_face: I’ve been interested in beekeeping for a while but never made the time to get lessons, hives, etc:grimacing:. I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to take occupation on an estate with 4 existing flow hives.:star_struck: I’m in desperate need of guidance to maintain the hives and keep the bees alive.:blush: I’m open for any advice and help that I can get. thanks in abundance


Welcome to the forum and the completely addictive world of bee keeping.
To get a crash course you will find YouTube useful if you are able to figure out and ignore the mis-information.
The guys and girls here will be happy to advise on any issues you have and some might name good books worth buying.
Flow Hive also has videos on line. I guess you have also found the accessory gear like the frame opening keys and the draining tubes?
Maybe you can find a local bee keeper or a bee equipment supplier who can tell you about locals.
Cheers, Peter (Queensland, Australia)

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Thanks for the warm welcome.
I have been watching hours of videos on youtube and found alot of information. So much useful information and im really glad that people takes the time of their day to make those videos.

Yes I have found all the gear from the supplier. Very awesome and i cant wait for my first harvest.
happy happy

When it is time to do your first harvest of honey kake sure you do it with a slight tilt backwards of the hive so that as the honey accumulates in the draining trough it flows to the draining end so to prevent honey flooding into the hive. Also only open the frame in 20% steps at a time.
I am sure you will find a local bee group in the Cape Town area will be very helpful about at least general bee keeping if not about the Flow Hive. The only difference really is about the harvesting.
Cheers, Peter

When I said to open the frame 20% at a time I meant to insert the key in 20% of the way and fully open that section of comb. When the honey has almost stopped flowing then insert the key in another 20% and open that section, and so it goes till you have drained the entire frame.