Split: Too late in season?

Hi all,

I’m located in Perth, Oz and it’s still very warm here and the Marri/Tuart flow is well underway. We can still expect a couple more months of pretty reasonable weather for the most part here.

I’ve just gotten a second hive that is exploding out of its 8 frame box and they really look like they need more room, but I don’t want to run two brood boxes on a single hive. I’ve added the super but there’s A LOT of brood.

My question is, is it too close to winter to do a split?

The only reason I would split at this time is to avoid a colony from swarming. I’m in sub-tropical Qld. If you don’t think your colony is likely to swarm, I’d leave it as it is. Advice from a local would be warranted, for sure.

I’ve come across 2 swarms in the last 2 weeks, one of them from my own hive. Both small swarms.

My theory is the recent nectar flow is waking up the bees. I am sure more experienced locals will chime in too :+1:

Maybe a small split into a Nuc is an option.

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Yes that’s what a was thinking. Just a couple frames of brood and some honey frames

Good weather and light nectar flow stimulate swarming. Major flow has opposite effect. Even colonies that are already in swarming mode tear down queen cells and concentrate on more important thing :honey_pot: