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Splitting a hive and then moving to a new location

Have just watched Cedar’s presentation on splitting a hive and it was very straightforward and easy to understand.
What wasn’t mentioned was whether the new hive could then be locked down at night and moved to another location, and if so how long should I wait before doing so?
I’m a newb and a mate with a hive of docile bees wants to share before his hive swarms.

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Block the entrance with flywire. Do your split and put a vented lid on them then take them to their new location. Unblock entrance, put on proper lid then leave them alone. Better to move them in one go than upset them with the split, then again when you move them.


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Thanks Rob. Appreciate the prompt reply.

I totally agree with Rob, do as little as possible to distress the bees. If you are only moving a short distance of say up to 5 klms I would not bother with a ventilated (screened lid) and use a piece of fly screen to block the entrance. That will give them an air flow. A move is best done an hour after dark, the scragglers have returned and settled down in the hive. You could do the move the same evening after doing the split but then don’t disturb the hive for a week, let them settle in, calm down and adjust to the new conditions.

Cheers Peter. We’re looking at doing the split on Saturday so Sat evening shift looks like the go.

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close the entrance of the Nuc box before you make the split- make sure you get enough bees to look after the frames. Take frames with bees on them and then after you have done that you can shake a few cups of extra bees off any super frames confident you wont shake off the queen. Clsoe the lid ebfore they all fly back to the hive and move them to the new location. You don’t necessarily have to wait till dark as you’ve trapped the bees you want in your split.

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