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Spring check done


so I did my spring check on my bees and they are doing amazing. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. And here they have hay fields and we got 90lbs of honey from a first year hive :facepunch::blush::blush:

Just making sure everything is on point tho and I have a couple of photos I’ve taken and just curious as to whether they are ok to have dead bees face first in the combs. No sign of any Beatles or mites. But other than this it’s April and they already have brood coming along nicely and they are getting the early dandelions


Often a sign of starvation. How were the food stores in the rest of the hive? If the stores were good, it may be that the bees got too cold. A strong hive will remove dead bees pretty quickly.


The food stores seems good. The bottom was full of honey when I checked and I had set out some honey in early spring before my check. Small mason jar and only half was gone. Could have been from freezing. We get -40s here and they were kept in a shed to keep wind off but I didn’t insulate the outside just the bottom and top


Anna, are you sure they were dead? They often stuff themselves down in the cells after they are smoked trying to get at the honey in the bottom of the cells. If you poke them gently do they wriggle out?


Yes I’m sure they were dead. They were only on the bottom box frames. The top box was thriving



I’m with Dawn 100% on this one. Since a good food source was n is a available my gut feeling is the got trapped away from the warm main cluster during one of your cold spells. I’ve enlarged the pix’s but can’t see any issues n problems other than a small sample of dead workers.

Good luck with your upcoming bee season :+1: