Spring has sprung!

Almost two weeks ago my plan was to do a quick check on my bees, but I ended up bringing honey home!. I could see the bees busily flying in and out of the hive so the activity levels were pretty well up and I could hear their buzzy noises as I got closer. I opened the side panel to see what they were up to and of course they were all over the frame, filling the cells with honey. When I removed the back panel, I saw honey literally leaking out of the two middle frames! The cells were all capped, so instead of a just a quick visual check, I got a bucket and some tubes and harvested the two frames! I was so surprised to see all that honey so early in the season! I did another check this last Friday and was shocked to see the frames were full again - after only 11 days!! I will go back to the hive this week and harvest from the next two frames to give them room to make more honey! Has anyone else had an unexpectedly early harvest?


Excellent news! The Flow super is a great way to collect the honey. Your area has an excellent climate for keeping bees and you must have a good strong colony there too.

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Spring has sprung but we had snow today followed a few hours later by hail. -1 degree last night 5 degrees today & the Bees were flying all day…


@Kirsten_Redlich, hmm… Victoria… :wink:


Yup!..you learn to love it :wink:

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I’ve found similar - all my hives came through winter packed to the brim with honey- in the last few weeks all my flow frames have been rapidly filling:

One week later:


That’s great news :slight_smile:
Do you have any photos or video of your harvest?


haven’t harvested that hive yet- was just about to- when the bees swarmed! It seems the hive was doing just a little too well. Will harvest the four central frames over the next week or so- and will post a few photos here.