First Honey Harvest

This is my second year of beekeeping and the first year I’ve gotten enough excess honey to harvest! We have flow frames on one of our two hives and harvested 2 quarts out of one of the frames in 25 mins a couple of weeks ago. The other frames weren’t at least 80% capped so decided to not harvest the others. After an inspection yesterday two more frames look like they could be harvest though not all the cells are full of honey. I may go ahead and harvest the frames because I don’t think we will be getting much more nectar coming in this season. I posted a video on youtube of the frame harvest.


That is awesome! Exciting isn’t it!?

Sure is! Also harvested 8 frames of capped honey from the other hive and will be experiencing how to extract honey from traditional frames too. Much more work for sure!

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An extractor is better for regular frames.

Yes it is and I have one though it’s used so am not sure yet how well it’s going to work. Going to give it a try though!

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