Starting in June - San Jose CA

Hi All,

I am new to beekeeping and just got my 6 frame Flow Hive 2. Since it’s later in the season, should i get 2 established colonies vs 2 nucs? I am ok to not get honey this year; more concerned they are strong enough through winter. Thanks!

Just one per hive.

But be prepared to feed them for a while until they have everything built out.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I would get 1 per hive. Just not sure if I should do established or nuc. Thanks!

If you can get a full established colony then that would be great and would likely mean that you could take honey this year, but not necessary and likely much more expensive, unless you have an inside deal.

Thanks for ur reply! The price would be the same. I am ok w no honey; my main goal is the survive and are strong. I read that it’s better for newbie to start with nuc to allow time to ramp up the knowledge. Just wasn’t sure if it’s too late in the year.

Full colony if they’re the same price!