Starting up my flow hive

Hello Everyone! New owner of a cedar flow hive in Illinois and am excited to get this party started after a lot of education the last two years. I want to do my part for our environment and also teach my kids that we need to protect what is so precious! I’m just waiting for Vermont natural protectant to arrive this week to coat and then assemble my flow hive. I plan on picking up a Italian nucleus in two weeks and looking for any tips you would like to throw my way. I plan on feeding them since it is late in the season.

I plan on siting the flow hive on my berm 10+ feet away from property line. I’m thinking of putting it next to the arborvitae’s (right side berm)for a wind block and flight path adjustment to keep them higher away from neighbors. I’m going to put two cinder blocks in the mulch as a platform for the hive. Interested in all opinions on siting, winter preparation etc. thank-you!



Welcome to the forum! Sounds like an exciting time for you. I would recommend you delay your Nuc hive until the spring. We are really at the end of the season and a Nuc won’t have a chance to build up stores sufficient to overwinter in your area. Your winters are very tough and so you really should have a double brood box setup before you add the flow super on top. For a Nuc to build out a full deep and a 2nd at this point in time is a recipe for disappointment and I’d like to spare your upset if I can by giving you that advice.


Hi Tim!

I’m very receptive to that recommendation! I only want the best for the bees. My local bee guy said a nuc would be fine as his over winter with good success as long as they are fed. I have no problem waiting it out though:)



Sound advice given to you by Tim, in a harsh Winter climate the fall isn’t the time to begin a nuc. Hold off till the Spring mate.

Will do, thanks Tim and Peter!

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