This is my Start

Here’s how I’m getting started. 8 frame deep with 5 frame nuc installed and the very next day the temp has dropped and a freeze warning is issued for tonight. Poor bees, I hope they are warm. I have six flow frames waiting for a box to be modified and another complete cedar Flow Hive suppose to be delivered tomorrow. I have bees to pick up for the second hive about the 2nd week of April.


Same happened to me - picked up my nucs on Saturday and it got down to 29 last night. Same is gonna happen tonight.

Gonna be a few days before I open the hive to say the least. I have to make sure my queens were released.

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Put on some insulation at least on the top under the lid. 50mm of that foil faced house insulation… PIR. They won’t take that feed if it’s cold either. Best put on top in a rapid feeder perhaps again surrounded by insulation
My wood hives have insulation all round

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What section of the world are you in with the silvery frost ? That’s pretty chilly. Out here in Washington state we can get a surprise lite frost into mid April but not often. That happens if a cold front pushes in on a high pressure n sky clears total over night. Hope all did n goes well there.

Happy beekeeping,


I’m in N. Ga close to the Tn line and the low temps got better today and we had a lot of sun and 55 or better. The bees were actually out quit a bit when I got home so I think if it stays this way we will be fine. I did think about the insulation in the top and having that mentioned here is a boost of confidence as to my knowledge I had not read that anywhere, just thought it might be a good idea. Thanks