'Sticky Honey' won't flow

Has anyone got any tips on helping ‘Sticky Honey’ flow from the flow frames?

One of my hives is having difficulty. When I switch the frames for extraction the frames return to the off position as if the wax/honey is locking it in the off position and the frames aren’t splitting. The ones I can get to split and start draining are dripping at an excruciating slow drip rate.

Any tips?

Hi Paul just crack a few cells at a time. Only put the key in say 50mm and opearate many times particularly with the key to each side of the slot. The cells are probaly not open or partialy open due to the bees doing such a good job of sealing the cells. If you happen to have 2 keys use 2 together to spread out the load.
The cells where the key inserts can flex as you rotate before the cell actually opens. This has happened to us before. It is also safer than trying to open the whole frame in one go and risking honey flowing out uncapped cells and over the bees. Dont let the tube fill more than 75% and wait until you see the tube level drop before cracking more cells.
Good luck.


Perfect Gaz. Thanks mate.


also: if the super has been on over winter there is a chance the honey has candied in the frames- maybe even if it was only on since spring but the bees are on something that candies easily like canola. If that’s the case it is more difficult to deal with as it won’t flow out.

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Hi @Paul_Jackson1 - I noticed this thread and thought to check in and see if your issue with harvesting from the frames was resolved?