Super frame won’t drain fully

Does anyone have any ideas on why one of my super frames won’t fully drain? I’ve extracted honey about 10 times, this is the first time it’s hsppened…

Hiya Alisha, There has been some chat on another thread regarding a line on the frames, maybe this is what they meant?
Can you see the frame fins move when you twist the key? Looks like the key hasn’t been pushed all the way in but I’m sure that’s not the case.

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Is the honey candied?

No, my honeys really runny. Drained the rest of the frames quickly…

I think you may need to remove the frame and inspect the cells… make sure they are opened and if the honey is still not drained then dig out a few cells to see if it has turned to jelly or crystallised.

Will try that this weekend. Thank you!

Hi Alisha if you have two keys put them in side by side and operate many times back and forth even if only partially inserted. Put the keys together and then put one key on each outer edge of the slot. Sometimes the plastic flexes and the key doesnt actually open the cells. This can happen as the cells get sealed really well.
I have never experienced any cells being crystalised in Brisbane, but definately had cells tough to open.
The two keys gives more surface area where it touches the plastic giving you a bit more leverage.
Good luck.

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Hi Gaz, thanks for your help, and sorry to sound a bit daft here, but where should I put the keys?

Hi just put the keys in the bottom slot where you normally place it to drain the honey from the frames.
Obviously you will need to setup the drain tube and a jar again.

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Hello Alisha,

Interesting to hear.

My advice would be to inserted the Flow Key and open then close the Frame at least thrice. Then leave the Flow Key in the 90º position when you open it again. Maybe there is some stubborn wax inside that is stretching and needs to be fully broken.


Happy to say that the frames are now draining fully. You were all right, they needed to be opened and shut a few times forcefully, they must have been a bit stubborn at the back (I had the same problem on the frames at the other side too). Thanks for all your help everyone!


I just came across your thread and find as @Gaz says that using a second key has made it a better way to drain a frame, I suspect that way there is no flexing or distortion of the frame. The frame seems to ‘crack’ open easier.

Two things that flow should do to enhance the flow experience for customers would be to suppy a decent QX as well as an extra key. Some people only want one flow hive.