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Sting on the hand

Yesterday, about 8 AM I was stung on my hand, my pinky. I thought nothing of it, it felt like a needle prick and nothing more. Finished my yard work all day long did a number of other things around the house. The entire time I knew it was there but nothing had developed.

I even was wearing my ring, on the same hand.

This morning, I woke up with a hand quite swollen, to the point that I could not get my ring on. This morning it also itches slightly.

Just seems odd for the delay effect that I’m having just thought I would post

Watch it to see how it develops. I have had a couple flair up like that and they go down over a week ok. Horribly itchy though. Mine were on the ankle and wrist.

But my daughter had one recently and my wife insisted on taking her to the doctors. Turns out she was right… she’d developed an infection and needed antibiotics. Look for concentrated red patches or if parts feel particularly hot.

For the comment, I’ve done a little research already and yes absolutely the same stuff I’ve Artie read. So far it hasn’t moved past my wrist of being swollen just very surprised on my reaction no redness to speak of other than the skin being stretched

My fingers swelling was the main reason I started wearing gloves. That and the propolis.

I got stung on my pointer finger on my right hand a few weeks back. It took about a day and a half for it to swell. I had used it quite a bit that day helping serve lasagna at a fundraiser. I initially had put some ice on it, took benadryl, and also put some sting away on the sting site. Swelling went away after a few days.

I quit wearing any rings decades ago… if you ever get stung on the hand, remove your ring immediately and don’t put it back on for a few days…


One of my daughters and I have delayed responses no matter where we are stung. I got stung on the eyebrow and had next to no reaction on the day (it hurt but no swelling) the next day I couldn’t open my eye and it took a few days to go down.