Stopping burr comb in a hybrid super?

In a hybrid you need to keep all the Flow frames together so they seal the open rear section with the frame ends. As soon as you insert standard frames between the Flow frames you are creating gaps that the bees can move through at the end of the frame.

This post shows the issue

Nope- when I remove the door the seal is perfectly bee proof. As RBK said the rear of the frames must all be touching, or only have a very small gap.

Where are the bees getting out? Between the frames or just at the edges? Did your box have the two wooden strips on the inside outer edges of where the frames sit? Did you install the metal bar at the bottom? If that’s missing the bees can get through from the rebate in the lower box…

@Semaphore interesting. I’ve got the tabs installed and the metal bar but still get a small gap on one side that is just big enough for a few bees to squeeze out

Ahh, interesting. I have misinterpreted the issue. It’s not a centering problem is it? I have found that if the frames aren’t correctly aligned/centred at the front of the hive, it can provide enough angle to create a gap between frames/edges at the back.

I realise this isn’t a hybrid super, but are you referring to bees coming from the gap at ‘B’ (ie. frame to wooden strip on hybrid) not ‘A’, frame to frame?

There are no wooden strips in our FH hybrids as it appears the rebate has been altered so that they aren’t required. The bees have no way to escape the rear cutout.