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Made a little video - Transferred some bees into a new hive


I’ve had a colony housed in a nuc box that was fully intended to be temporary but time got away from me. I ended up adding a second nuc body to it several weeks ago as the colony grew. The second nuc body was old, used, and of course things didn’t fit together so well. I had shims in some of the spaces between the hive bodies and the bees were working hard to propolize things before winter. I suppose they’d have been fine but why take the risk?

Hey @Cowgirl - new happy bee vid!


I get stung. Maybe once every other week or so. I took a sting on the tip of a finger while doing this today - not because the bees were mad or anything - I caught one of the girls under my finger lifting a frame and about squished her.

I’ve been told my bees are especially good-natured but they’ll pop you if you give them a good enough reason to.

I try to use as little smoke as possible as well. All I did for this exercise was a couple puffs under the lid and then a couple more to move them out of the way of the inner cover.


Nice video Bob. :slight_smile:

I don’t wear gloves either, I take my wedding ring off when working the bees though, my thinking is if I get a sting on that finger I don’t want it swelling with a ring on that would be bad!


My avatar shows how we work the bees. Too hot in summer to wear full suits and gloves make you clumsy. Working bare handed and carefully you would be surprised how few stings you actually get. Besides, our fear of stings is mostly in our heads unless you are really allergic and then you should not be playing with bees.



Slowly, carefully, methodically. Bees don’t get alarmed by slow consistent movement.