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SW Indiana Bee Keeper Wanted


I love having honey bees around for my garden (gets bigger every year) but I am not into tending to bees. I am looking for someone interested in placing and maintaining a bee hive in my back yard.

I live in the county living right next to a working grain farm so I am certain the bees would have a good home! :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you or if you know someone interested.

Thanks y’all!


I wonder if any local beekeeper would have any concerns about possible sprays the farmer might use.



Sorry ! Bees do take time but are invaluable for pollination. What are your bees foraging on other than your garden there? As for someone bringing in bees … Jeffs concern of spraying might be very valid n usually grain does not need bees for pollination. They are normal wind pollinated only … There must be other flowers near by because your hive;s) are surviving at that location. How many hives are you currently working with ? Maybe a locate beekeeper would take over yours for a portion of the harvest or ownership tranfer.

Good luck …


that is a good thought. I will check with the farmer to see what, if anything, he sprays.


I don’t currently have any hives. I would love to have one but am looking for a keeper to set up and maintain one for me.