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Swarm catcher help

Hi all, lm a first timer in the forum and at bee keeping so excuse me for any dumb “captain obvious” questions :laughing: I have constructed two swarm boxes just to try my luck at a catch for fun. To my amazement I have attracted quite a number of bees on one (approx 20 to 30 ) the other only half a dozen or so. Question is I have found the (
busiest box) bees seem very excited and are doing circle formations in groups of 3 or so. I’ve uploaded a couple of videos which you can see ( lower left group of three bees ) circle two or three times before breaking away from each other ? Can anyone tell me what this maybe about ? I’m assuming they’re scout bees as there is no sign of pollen on their legs. Also FYI I have 4 frames of 100% bee’s wax foundation in each box with a small amount of LGO.

I have finally been able to upload a video of their activity,. Anyone have any ideas what these movements mean ??

Upload the video to You Tube then post the link in the forum so we can see it Mark, and welcome to the forum mate.

10 out of 10 Mark, you have nailed it.

Hi Peter, thank you for your reply. I have now been able to upload successfully so thanks for your help there. Not sure I have chosen the correct category to post my question in though ? Cheers

Help is something this forum is a great forum for, glad to be able to help. I picked up that advice from Dawn in California.

I think you have bees interested in your box. They could be scouts, or they could be robbers smelling the wax and finding nothing to steal… :blush:

What is LGO? I am not familiar with that TLA

lemon grass oil… :wink:

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Yes thank you Semaphore, The Lemon Grass Oil seems to do the trick. Thank you also Dawn, I had a suspicion it could be robber bees but with nothing to rob and only the beginning of our spring here it seems a bit odd ? I even considered their behavior to be like orientation flights except I have no real hive as such ? I guess time will tell as this is all new to me. Thanks again for you help

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That is because of the “LGO”… Now that I know the abbreviation (thank you @Semaphore), I can explain that lemongrass has a very similar smell to the pheromone that bees produce from their Nasanov gland. That pheromone is used to signal “home is here” to wandering, disoriented bees after a hive inspection, or when a swarm is housing itself in a box that you have provided and they like it. I have seen it many times when housing a new swarm - very reassuring sight.

However, in your video, none of the bees were joining in with standing still, “butt in the air”, gland exposed (it is a tiny white dot) and fanning their wings. I suspect that they were a bit confused by the pheromonal scent, and nothing interesting in the box. :wink:

Thanks for the reply Dawn,
We will keep observing today and I will update later, fingers crossed.

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