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Swarm control/Prevention questions

Hey guys. I’ve read heaps and from the sounds of things, the only foolproof way to significantly reduce the Risk of the hive swarming is to do a preemptive split. As I only wish to keep a single hive though, what are my options, as I do not want to house a second hive? What do I do with the split hive? Is there a marketplace where I could offer it up that in not aware of?

I would strongly recommend that you keep 2 hives if at all possible. Then you have options if one hive has trouble. It is great to be able to take a frame of brood or honey from one hive, and donate it to help a weaker hive. :wink:

Local bee clubs are a great place to find buyers of your split. You could also advertise on Gumtree - I think lots of our Australian forum members do that, and have no trouble in selling their splits.


By joining your local bee group you will find local advice about when to do preemptive splits to reduce the risk of swarming for your climate, often there are members there wanting to get a split to increase their hive numbers but GumTree is a good place to sell them. EBay don’t allow there forum to sell anything that is alive.
I agree with Dawn that there are many benefits to having a second hive and a second hive doesn’t take a lot more time to care for as you are already suited up and the smoker is going.


This applies to Facebook market place also.

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I always said I would only have one hive, now I have 2 and I’m already having thoughts of where I can put a 3rd.
I sold my split in about 20mins on gumtree. I’m in Sydney.