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Swarming of huge swarm


hello all beekeepers

i catched a huge swarm and it was amazing experience ,so i wanted to share it with you , please if you notice any mistake let me know , that i dont repeat it with on other swarm thank you
swarming of huge swarm


Wow! That is a massive swarm. Marked queen too. It looked like you have three medium hive bodies. Did you have drawn comb inside those hive boxes? If so it probably is not going to take long for all of those bees to fill them up. It might be worth splitting that hive once the queen starts laying in the hive you housed the swarm in. Otherwise you run the risk of them swarming on you. Good luck and thank you for the awesome video.


I hived one that size and they filled 3 deeps full in a couple of weeks. I had to add supers. The top deep was completely full of honey and I will harvest it this weekend (60-80-lbs).


Good catch! Hope they stay awhile :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:



I’ve not personally seen a super swarm like that since the old 1950’s n 60’s. Woooowie ! Enjoy !



like they said WOW! Huge! Seems like you did everything right. Did you mark the queen or did it come like that? Very handy if it just arrived pre-marked…

Also seems like it was so huge- you may want to add another box sooner rather than later? A friend of mine caught a big swarm last year (smaller than yours though) and it re-swarmed after only 14 days. Luckily we caught it - but they just didn’t have enough room in the first hive.


thank you John yeager , about marked queen i was also surprised , yes i have drawn comb inside box ,


it was first time that i had such swarm also , after one week he already good honey ,


than you , yes they are very good


oh wow long time ago , thank you , really when i just seen i was scared , but im happy


yes the queen arrived pre marked , me too they want to swarm but i add 2 more box and i tried to move all new queen the he start to make and now is more huge hhh