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Talking to the bees

Hi all.
I was talking to my mum yesterday and she was talking about something she had heard somewhere. Apparently I have to talk to my bees about who is who in my yard or if anyone has died etc. This affects their general mood and so on. Sounds kinda hippie to me but I said I would ask the forum about their thoughts on the matter.

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I greet my ladies with a, “good mornin ladies,” every morning. Sometimes they get stuck on their backs on the landing board, thanks to all the dew. I help them get upright and assure them I come in peace. Not tagged me for lift assistance…yet…:see_no_evil::crossed_fingers:


Yes, a very old custom, celtic in origin.


Interesting read, where do you find this stuff?

It’s an old European folk custom to tell bees of important events, such as a birth in the family, and especially if their beekeeper has died. In ancient Greece, the great mother moon goddess Artemis was believed to release the souls of the dead as bees. According to tradition, all news should be whispered gently and politely to the bees. :blush:

The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore by Hilda M. Ransome