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Holiday for ladies ! ❤️


Greetings to all the women on here ! Have a special International Women’s Day ! Your special year around but today we celebrate :tada: that ! image

Happy Beekeeping ladies,


The world needs more guys like you, Jerry. :blush:

Big hugs to Vera from me.



Bravo Gerald, Bravo :slight_smile:


Thank you Gerald for your thoughts…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks Gerald.

Listening to the Robins singing outside. Excited that warmer days are ahead. Seeing baby chick’s in many of the farm stores here in our new community down in Kelso. Have everything ready to go for two nucs that are expected to arrive at the end of the month. I have been meeting more of the neighbors and I am finding out that there are a LOT of Beeks in the area. Although our yard in Seattle was large and close to a power line right of way that was designated as a pollinator pathway it is nice to have our new space (7 acres) for my set up. We are settling into our new home and the computer area is finally set up so I will be back online more often to visit one of my favorite sites…the Flow Hive Forum.

Take care my Renton/Coal Field Friend


Hey 26,

Good to hear from you at Kelso. I was wondering how to share a note or comment out of you. :smiley:.

This is Sunday, sunny, calm n the topped out at 64 dgs. Got my first sting of the season taking Bee portraits … Just a small prick on my left thumb to let me know they weren’t exactly happy I was digging down thru their frames.

Yip ! I inspected Maple n Pine Hive. Pine has three fair frames of mixed brood so that’s a positive. Not sure about my flow-Hive. Only saw some older brood, lots of new pollen, some nectar n leftover scattered area of capped honey from last season.

I wanted to check today because I’m busy on Monday do today was it. I guess the season is off to a start now.




Hi Jerry,
I’m admiring that brood :ok_hand:t4::hugs:

Yesterday we checked on our bees, going deep into the hive since the temps rose to 70! Our girls look healthy and still have plenty of honey, and they are bringing in tons of pollen.

I had been hoping to see brood like yours…
But instead:

We’ll be getting a nuc in mid-April to inhabit our new full Flow hive. These over-wintered girls will get another crack at the hybrid Flow.

Cheers for a bit of spring weather!


Hi Tracey,

Pine hive is robust n very heavy with good brood. My Maple :maple_leaf: hive (my flow 6 frame) is fair but found only limited old brood so I need to wait patiently to see if it’s a winner … Now my Birch hive is very weak n small … if it pulls thru I’ll be lucky :four_leaf_clover: at best. I’m still thinking Birch is too weak to be a success. They all have a supply of winter goodies to boost them …

Yah ! I have three Nuc’s coming in about mid April also. Time, patience’s, weather n little luck will be our best tools.

It’s a true learning experiencement each year building on what works most year after year … and a lot of luck with the many variable… stay in touch …

Now out to the wood shop to build a pirate plank rat :rat: trap … My kid brother is always bring me a challenging project to work out. What are big Brothers like me good for ! :smiley::+1:

Got to check on my sweetheart one last time before I head out back to my wood shop. She’s trying to take a nap. Not one of her best days.