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Temp Leak Fix Temp Leak Fix


My top was leaking a little in the center and I did this temporary fix with a sheet of flashing which I plan to use as seen on an earlier post where they used a sheet under the roof. I have plans for a 3rd hive in the spring and have ordered some things including a new outer cover that should arrive next week. Since I can be slow as molasses doing things, I thought this might get me by till that new cover comes in. As far as the flow quality, I have no complaints. Mine fit perfectly with the exception of not enough clearance on those removable panels which just needed a little sanding down. I think that is the point with the fancy roof and it’s design there is no way the user (me) should have put that on without sealing the thing and we should have known tung oil to protect the wood would not be a sub for sealing where those shingles go together just like any other roof. They don’t get any points for not pointing that out in the

instructions though.


Hi Chet,

Your right. Tung Oil won’t deal that ole Roof. That’s why I careful sealed each joint fully as I assembled the roof then Tung Oiled the roof with four coats as the roof will take the most ware n beating in our Western Washington wet rainy winter climate. We had several large downpours last couple weeks n not a drop got thru.

Yah, that tin top ought to really do the trick at keeping wet out. Great job !



Does the tin roof make a lot of noise when the rain falls on it?


I just don’t know Kevin but I have lived in old houses with tin roofs and know others that have and everyone agrees that rain is like a sleeping pill.