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Temporary storage of super

Long story short. I’ve had to relocate a flow hive and removed the super to do this. The super has a mix of fully capped frames and some partially capped. The hive has swarmed several times so population is insufficient to maintain a full setup. I intend re queening the hive and harvesting the honey from the super. What is the best method for temporarily storing the super, say a couple of weeks and should I clean it once harvested?

I would freeze the frames for 24 hours if it is going to be that long without bees, otherwise you will have a harvest of Wax moths and SHB… :wink:

No need to clean it after harvesting, the bees will do that before they re-stock it.

Thank you Dawn. You are always so quick with a response. Should I still freeze even if I’m storing them inside in a fairly well sealed container?

Hi Dawn. Ignore my last message. I assume the freezing for 24hours is to inactivate any possible eggs/larva that may be present. Then is it ok to house the frames in a sealed box inside the house - cool dark place?

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Yes and yes. Well done. :wink: