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The Conversation: Bee economics

I thought this might be of interest to some:


Great article. They didn’t mention almonds don’t provide all essential nutrients for bees and beekeepers have to strengthen hives by artificial means that early in the year and have to ensure good follow up nutrition if they want to keep their colonies healthy.
Funny thought it’s all for those almond milk crazy vegans who oppose the industry.
The almond fields in Australia are also expanding. Just as well the pollination money is right for beekeepers, since major honey packers pay a pittance for good Australian honey, just to export it.

There had been a lot of discussion about issues surrounding almond pollination at the Australian Bee Congress.


Good point you raise about the Australian almond industry. I’ve started to see Australian almonds in the shops, which was a surprise.

@webclan, did you attend the Congress?

Sure did. And glad I did. Made a lot of acquaintances and learned heaps. Also came 4th in the honey competition, missed by half a point against the big guys.


They are the inconvenient truths forgotten by vegans. Fine to be vegetarian but no one is truely vegan, its impossible.