Rotten, episode 1 (Netflix)

Has anyone watched the Netflix documentary Rotten?

People on this forum (@Dee, @Faroe ) might find it interesting, esp the first episode about honey and adulterated honey.


Yes. Thanks for the heads up. Watched it a while back. A nice detective story about honey fraud. The rest in the series are worth watching too. Might encourage you to grow more of your own food.


Rotten was a good view.

I grow a lot of food: Trouble is my family won’t let me harvest some of it! lol


No, thanks for the heads up. Will have a look at it later.

It explains how foreign trade has destroyed American bee keeping and honey harvest via an over a huge influx of adulterated honey flooding our market knocking the US honey business down to non competitive. The honey coming in is not pure and coming from China. It further explains how such honey has affected people, pollination in our crops and much more. It’s very good

Down here we also purchase ‘honey’ from China, same deal, cheap and nasty, all ends up mixed with a portion of Australian honey and marketed as Australian. There’s a push for country of origin labelling to be compulsory but the supermarket dollar seems to be winning. The only upside is that we export our honey to China. Probably because they get enough rice syrup in their rice…

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Slowly people are seeing this and beginning to have a voice. It may have a turn over because California our largest agricultural state was banned from raising bees for 138 years. That ban has been lifted because hives were stolen and destroyed for almond farmers and a lot of honey bee theft and so many bee keepers exploited and put out of business from lack of bee insurance. I think it’s going to turn it around for the States because locally grown honey is very expensive and I believe it will drive out the China honey. I stopped to buy some local honey which was not local honey but honey from China as I saw the 50 gallon drums. I would have never thought that bees would have been in the middle of an economic war.

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It’s interesting that you say the local honey is expensive as I see on other forums honey being sold cheap, comparatively to here. $15Aus is the standard 1kg price for local raw honey. Here in the West it is a bit different to the East due to our biosecurity laws. But yeah, Chinese ‘honey’ is much cheaper so the penny pinchers go for that.

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I pay $22.00- $25 dollars a quart depending on the time of year.

I sold mine for $15 per 12oz jar, and it went within 24 hours. I advertised it as very local honey though, and that means people were willing to pay a premium for it. I got great feedback that it was exceptionally good honey. :blush:


I love that it’s not just local honey but “very local honey” :smiley: I watched your hive extraction of honey! Whoop! I’m learning my video editing as well. I bought a second flow hive today! I have a nuc of Bees Coming in April. I’m not out of the wood with my current hive as we will get a second cold snap.

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